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[VIDEO] LPG-Powered Corvette Z06 Claims New Drift World Record

by Keith Cornett on August 5, 2010

LPG-Powered Corvette Z06 Claims New Drift World Record

Fitting nicely into our recent theme of green Corvettes comes this video from somewhere in Europe featuring a Corvette Z06 powered by natural gas. The oval track was measured at 400 feet in circumference and our hero in the lime-green Z06 drifted 25 complete rotations for a total of 9,925 feet. The previous record is mentioned in the video at 6,285 feet.

The video was posted nearly a year ago so we’re not sure if someone has gone out and drifted farther than 9,925 feet. While I still have trouble calling drifting a sport, I can now sleep better at night knowing that its a Corvette Z06 that owns the world record for longest drift.


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