Live Blogging the 24 Hours of Le Mans

Corvette Racing Links for the 24 Hours of Le Mans

Consider this an open post and feel free to leave your comments. We’ll be updating this post throughtout the day and into the night as we follow Corvette Racing at the 24 hours of Le Mans.

09:44 – Gavin reports engine problem, crew instructs him to park in safe place. Broken piston is suspected. #64 Corvette retired at Mulsanne corner.

09:34 – Gavin turns lap at 3:59.356 in repaired #64 Corvette, faster than his pole-winning qualifying run.

08:57 – #64 Corvette back on the track 31 minutes later. Gavin at the wheel but Corvette drops to 5th position in GT2.

08:31 – Collard makes it back to garage. Corvette undergoes repairs for damage to body/components.

08:26 – #64 Corvette gets forced off its line by Davidson in the Peugeot. Car goes reverse into the wall at the Porsche Curves.

07:45 – #64 Corvette pits for fuel, tires and driver change. Collard in for Beretta.

07:24 – GT2 Running Order: #64 Corvette, #77 Porsche, #76 Porsche, #95 Ferrari, #89 Ferrari.

07:06 – Confirmed by Corvette Racing in tweet: Terminal mechanical issue on 63 Corvette, Garcia stopped on track going into Indianapolis, End of the race for No. 63 at #LeMans.

07:00 – #63 Corvette off course – Fehan calls it a terminal issue. Looks like a DNF.

06:52 – #63 Corvette comes in for fuel and driver change. Not sure about tires. Garcia in for Beretta.

06:47 – #64 Corvette comes into the pits for new brakes. Beretta stays in for another stint.

05:48 – #64 Corvette pits for fuel and driver change. Tires unknown. Beretta in for Gavin.

05:12 – O’Connell gives interview on SPEED and then takes over for Garcia.

04:24 – #63 Corvette Crew Chief Danny Binks takes over SPEED TV – Shows us around the Corvette Garage.

04:15 – #63 Corvette comes in for fuel. Magnussen stays in for another stint.

04:03 – Gavin in the #64 Corvette ahead 1 lap of 2nd place #63 Corvette with Mags behind the wheel.

03:12 – GT2 Running Order: #64 Corvette, #63 Corvette, #77 Porsche, #76 Porsche, #95 Ferrari

01:58 – #64 Corvette pits for fuel, tires and driver change. Collard in for Beretta.

01:38 – #63 Pits and then returns to the track. Still in a solid 2nd Place.

01:32 – Johnny O’Connell in the #63 Corvette went off course and into the gravel at Indianapolis.

01:00 – Beretta in for fuel only; he’s triple stinting his Michelins at #LeMans. No. 64 Corvette has 58-sec lead over 63, 1 lap over P3 Porsche.

00:54 – Corvettes alone on the lead lap. Beretta in #64 just ran 4:00.698. O’Connell is in #63 Corvette.

23:58 – CorvetteBlogger made a pit stop at Sams Club to pick up steaks for tonight. Yum!

22:57 – #63 Corvette pits for fuel only, No driver change, Magnussen and Michelins will run triple stint.

22:54 – Corvettes running first and second. #77 Porsche is 3rd. Risi Ferrari moved to pit garage for gearbox issue.

22:45 – Gavin #64 Corvette in 1st position while Magnussen in the #63 Corvette is 3rd. #82 Ferrari in pits.

22:00 – Epic battle with the #82 Ferrari

21:48 – The factory Corvette C6.Rs just ran sub-four minute laps: Gavin in #64 (3:59.984) and Mags in #63 Corvette 3:58.995

21:35 – Jaime Melo and Risi Ferrari retake GT2 lead. Ferrari laying fastest laps in class so far today. #64 Corvette second and #63 Corvette third.

21:21 – Oliver Gavin in #64 Corvette retakes position one in GT2. Risi Ferrari just one second behind. #63 Corvette running 4th.

20:53 – Safety cars out. #64 Corvette comes in for fuel, tires and driver change. Oliver Gavin begins 2nd stint.

20:48 – Epic battle being waged between Ferrari and Corvette for the GT2 lead. #64 Corvette appears to have a headlight out.

20:25 – GT2 Running Order: #82 Ferrari, #64 Corvette, #63 Corvette, #77 Porsche, #95 Ferrari

20:00 – CorvetteBlogger stops for fuel (Gyros) and a quick dip in the pool with family.

19:25 – Collard, #64 Corvette retakes 1st position. #63 Corvette running 3rd.

19:00 – #64 Corvette pits. Takes fuel, tires and driver. Collard gets his 1st stint.

18:56 – #63 Corvette pits. Fuel, tires and driver change. Antonio Garcia now behind the wheel.

18:41 – #82 Ferrari takes first position in GT2. Beretta in the #64 Corvette just 1.2 seconds behind.

18:30 – GT2 Running Order: #64 Corvette, #82 Ferrari, #63 Corvette, #77 Porsche, #95 Ferrari

18:16 – Oliver Gavin on Facebook:

Finished my 1st stint about 1hr ago, all going well. 1 safety car during my double, Nigel Mansell crashed going down into Indy… looked pretty big. I think he’s ok. By the end of my stint I had 12sec lead over Jan and 24sec over Melo (Ferrari) Ferrari running fast… It’s going to be a tough battle!

18:00 – #64 makes pit stop for fuel only. Beretta stays in car.

17:57 – #63 Corvette completes 14 laps, comes in for fuel. O’Connell remains in car.

17:30 – Oliver Gavin interview following first stint:

17:03 – # 64 Corvette makes 2nd pit stop, 51 seconds for fuel, four tires, and driver change – Gavin out, Beretta in, 27 laps done.

17:00 – Magnussen pits #63 Corvette C6.R, takes fuel and tires. Johnny O’Connell gets first stint.

16:55 – Gavin holding 10-sec lead over Mags and 24 sec over Melo as we approach 2 hrs.

16:24 – Corvettes regain 1-2 in GT2. Last laps #64 Gavin (4:01.570) and #63 Magnussen (4:02.221)

16:07 – # 64 Corvette in for fuel only on first pit stop. Gavin asks for rearview camera lens to be cleaned.

16:05 – # 63 Corvette in for first pit stop, fuel only, 14 laps completed in 1:02.

15:47 – Green Flag. Corvettes 1-2 in GT2; GT1 Corvettes running 3-6.

15:14 – 1st: Oliver Gavin #64 (4:00.321) and 2nd: Magnussen #63 (4:00.578) Live Timing is up and running (link)

15:00 – Green Flag!


Cars are rolling off the grid for recon lap. Magnussen is starting in the #63 Corvette C6.R while Oliver Gavin will be on the Pole in the #64 C6.R Corvette. Gary Pratt radios to drivers: “Have some fun out there, make a safe start.”

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