Corvette Values: 1963 Corvette Roadster

Corvette Values: 1963 Corvette Roadster

JF in Florida submitted this Saddle Tan 1963 Corvette Roadster to Corvette Values:

1963 Corvette convertible, VIN 30867S105XXX, matching numbers 327ci/360hp fuel-injected motor. FI unit replaced with traditional carburetor and original FI unit put on shelf, non-original radiator. 4-Speed transmission, 59,406 original miles. Saddle Tan exterior with saddle vinyl interior. Interior, carpet and chrome are all in excellent condition. Options include AM/FM radio and removable hard top. Owner history, maintenance receipts. Restored in 1982. This Corvette has also received awards from the local Corvette club shows.

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Corvette Values: 1963 Corvette Roadster Corvette Values: 1963 Corvette Roadster Corvette Values: 1963 Corvette Roadster

1963 Corvette Roadster, VIN #30867S105XXX. The VIN # indicates this Roadster was built in December 1963, the fourth month of the 1963 model production. The mileage of 59,406 is stated to be correct.

This Roadster is powered by a rare original, matching numbers, 327-360 fuel-injected motor. Only 12% of the buyers selected this optional motor during the 1963 production year. The fuel injection unit has been replaced with a traditional carburetor, a common practice with fuel-injected Corvettes due to special tuning that is required. However, the original fuel-injection unit has been retained. Also, the radiator has been replaced with a non-stock unit.

The motor is coupled with a 4-speed manual transmission that includes the original shifter and linkage.

The body panels, and interior of this Corvette are original with no modifications. The paint is Saddle Tan and is in good condition. This Corvette was restored in 1982 and its appearance in an indication that it has been well cared for since that date.

The interior is Saddle vinyl, a nice match to the exterior paint. The interior door panels, seats, and carpet are in excellent condition.

The bumpers and other bright work are also classified as being in excellent condition.

From an options perspective, this Corvette has the removable hard top and the AM/FM radio. The convertible top is in good condition. The wheels and hubcaps are original and in good condition as well.

Owner history of this Corvette is available including most of the purchase and maintenance receipts. This Corvette has also received local Corvette Club awards.

We place a value of $65,000 on this 1963 Corvette roadster. Bottom line, this is a very nice, original Corvette.

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Corvette Values: 1963 Corvette Roadster
Corvette Values: 1964 Corvette Convertible