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[VIDEO] Jeff Gordon Drives a Corvette ZR1 around the Monticello Motor Club

by Keith Cornett on May 28, 2010

Jeff Gordon Drives a Corvette ZR1 around the Monticello Motor Club

The Monticello Motor Club is a new private race resort facility built on 650 acres in Monticello, New York – just 90 minutes outside of New York City. One of the configurations is a 3.5 mile road course consisting of 18 turns, 1.5 miles of straights and 450 feet total elevation changes. Today we find MMC member Jeff Gordon rocking a Corvette ZR1 at speeds up to 150 mph around the new track.

Monticello Motor Club bills itself as more than just a track. In addition to the race course designed by noted track architect Bruce Hawkins and race legend Brian Redman, the MMC also offers professional instruction, track-side support, premium car storage as well as fine dining and five-star service. Members of Monticello Motor Club include Jeff Gordon, Chris Dyson and Jerry Seinfeld.

You can check out more of the amenities and membership plans offered by the Monticello Motor Club by visiting their website at:


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