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Bowling Green’s UAW Local 2164 Starts Corvette Customer Feedback Blog

by Mark Leevan on May 24, 2010

Bowling Green's UAW Local 2164 Starts Corvette Customer Feedback Blog

Corvette owners who want to give feedback about their Corvette experiences – good or bad – now have a way to communicate directly with the members of the UAW Local 2164 that build their Corvette. Patrick Klein, Vice-president of UAW Local 2164, which represents the General Motors Assembly Plant in Bowling Green, announced the launch of their Corvette Customer Feedback blog.

Klein expressed some disappointment over the lack of direct feedback from customers:

“Over the past couple of years, I have noticed a lack of customer feedback being forwarded to us, the people who actually build these Corvettes. I know that there are tons of letters, emails, phone conversations, etc…that take place in regards to our product. I also know that the vast majority is positive and somehow disappears or gets forgotten before we hear about it.”

Corvette owners who have toured the plant are sometimes surprised when a UAW worker engages them in conversation about their Corvette, the plant, or the tour when the assembly line stops.

Klein says “Over the past couple of weeks, during breaks and during line stops (pretty much whenever there might be a spare moment), I have tried to stop and talk to people on museum tours. I thanked them for coming in, thanked them for choosing Corvette, gave them my email address and asked them to send me feedback about their “Corvette Plant Experience” so I can share it with our UAW members.”

Corvette Customer Feedback blog is already started to flow directly to the UAW via the blog.

Pete and May Pinkerton were the first to comment. They have owned three Corvettes, but just recently placed an order for their first new Corvette, which they hope to pick up in the next few days.

“We have recently completed our Buyers Tour, and we want to share with you what an incredible experience it was! The UAW and General Motors has a unique situation at the assembly plant. To be able to meet the people who assembled our vehicle and watch it from trim to touchdown was truly a one of a kind opportunity. Our guide made us aware of the layoffs and difficulties that the UAW has (and are) going through at this plant. During our three days watching the production of our car many of the workers we came in contact with were out going, courteous, and seemed to be doing an exceptional job.”

The Pinkertons went on to explain that it is up to both management and the UAW to promote Corvettes and improve brand loyalty. The Pinkertons felt that management might be lax in their approach when it comes to tour groups. They went on to praise the car, the UAW workers and the tour.

While Corvette forums fill up with complaints about various aspects of Corvette ownership, this is the first time the UAW has solicited direct customer feedback.

Coming on the heels of a major recall and a fuel leak investigation, the timing couldn’t be better.

Apparently the new Corvette Customer Feedback blog is still being tweaked. There is no way for customers to post to the blog (other than to comment.) The Local 2164 blog has email addresses of the officers, but the links are malformed causing error messages.

Mark Leevan, writer for the Corvette Examiner contributed this story.

Patrick Klein sent us this message regarding the Corvette Owners Feedback Blog:

The feedback blog is intended for our members to read and leave comments if they wish. It was not intended to be a place for corvette owners to leave feedback. If a corvette owner wishes to leave us some feedback, they would need to drop me an email and I will post it for our members to read.

Because this is an open blog, anyone can obviously read and leave comments. With our main message board, I have had to moderate all comments and only I can post something. As you can imagine, there are a few “haters” out there.

I am still “constructing” the feedback blog and thanks to your suggestions, will most likely be easier to follow in the future.

Best Regards,
Patrick Klein

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