Caption Contest: Corvette vs Bicyclist

Caption Contest: Corvette vs Bicyclist
Cyclist Duane Foster confronts the driver of a Corvette while positioned
on the hood and holding a 14-pound rock.

Here is a crazy road rage story about a Corvette driver who gets pulled over by a cyclist following a road rage incident. Yes, he was pulled over by a guy on a bike! You can read the full story at We loved the photo that a witness took so much we thought a caption contest was in order. Click the comments link below to leave your caption and we’ll pick our favorite on Friday. Winner gets a 2009 Corvette Black Book and Corvette Price Guide!




  1. The Driver says, “Oh I thought this was the 24 Hours of Le Mans, not the Tour de France.”

  2. OnStar : Personalized Service with a Personal Touch!!!
    Like A Rock is the Chevy truck slogan, buddy!
    And suddenly the fog cleared and dave was looking straight at a guys junk pressed up against his windshield…. Talk about heads up display!

  3. Duuude, are you like Reeaally stoned, or what ?!

    Rock on Duude !

    He’s obviously in the middle of his mens-trial-cycle.

  4. ” Corvettes Rock ! ”

    But seriously folks, in trying to see who was “wronger” here, the one bicyclists’ comment tells me that they already HAD an attitude. Read the following quote from this comedian Hepp from the article. If the quote is accurate, this guy needs help.

    ” Portsmouth resident Mark Hepp was also riding his bicycle with the group and testified that he took the keys from Macintosh’s ignition. ‘ For once we finally got one ‘ he said .”

    That sounds like a punk with a chip on his shoulder. When it came to who lit this fuze first here, I gotta believe it was this punk Hepp, who was acting anything but hep.

    I’ve seen cyclists who realize we all must co-exist on a road. Sadly for all motorists and cyclists, there are the “us versus them” punk cyclists with the I’ll show them cars attitude. So, if Hepp is their spokesperson, he’s obviously got to attend anger management and if that doesn’t work, perhaps find a neuro surgeon who is skilled in lobotomy.

    Let it go dude. Life’s short enough as it is.


  5. “Pardon me, but would you kindly turn your windshield wipers off? And stop pushing the washer fluid button.”

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