GM Sues Mongoose Motorsports Over Corvette Grand Sport Trademark

GM Sues Mongoose Motorsports to Protect Grand Sport Corvette Trademark

General Motors has filed a lawsuit in US District Court against Ohio-based Mongoose Motorsports LLC for producing replicas of the 1963 Corvette Grand Sport. GM has recently licensed the rights to Duntov Motor Co, who with Superformance, have started offering authentic Grand Sport reproductions for both track and street.

GM had planned to build 125 Grand Sports Corvette but only five were ever built. Most collectors and experts agree that these 5 Corvettes are among the most valuable in the cars 57 year history. Last year, chassis #002 was offered at an RM Auction but was a no-sale at $4.9 million. It was later acquired by the Simeone Foundation Museum in Philadelphia for an undisclosed amount.

GM has to defend its trademarks or they will not be enforceable in the future.

“This is not an homage,” GM spokesman Tom Wilkinson said. “If we don’t enforce this, we can lose control of our various trademarks.”

In the suit, GM is seeking to halt the company from making and selling replicas featuring the Corvette design and has also requested destruction of all labels, signs and ads bearing Corvette trademarks. GM wants to inspect the company’s offices and financial records and is also seeking financial damages.

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