Corvette Values: 1998 Aztec Gold Corvette Coupe

1998 Aztec Gold Corvette Coupe

GJ in Florida submitted this 1998 Corvette Coupe to Corvette Values:

1998 Corvette Coupe. VIN 1G1YY22G8W5109XXX. Rare RPO 58U Aztec Gold exterior paint, Light Oak leather interior and black dash. 345 hp LS1, automatic transmission, 35K Miles. Corvette is in Show condition. Documentation includes internal GM memos regarding Aztec Gold paint. Signed by Wil Cooksey. Multiple trophy winner, displayed at National Corvette Museum.

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1998 Aztec Gold Corvette Coupe 1998 Aztec Gold Corvette Coupe 1998 Aztec Gold Corvette Coupe

Here is a special 1998 Corvette Coupe. The VIN is 1G1YY22G8W5109XXX which indicates this Corvette was built late in the first quarter of the 1998 model year. Total Coupe production for 1998 was 19,235 units. The mileage of 35,950 is stated as original.

What makes this Corvette special is the paint color, Aztec Gold. Only fifteen 1998 Corvettes were built with this color paint (RPO 58U) for this model year. An internal GM memo discontinuing this paint color was signed by Wil Cooksey, the Corvette Assembly Plant Manager in 1998. Evidently this color was a difficult one to match especially when a number of the ‘add-on’ body panels were pre-painted.

Cooksey has also indicated that this Aztec Gold Corvette was the first one off the assembly line painted this color. The Aztec Gold paint on this 1998 Corvette is in excellent show-ready condition as is the Light Oak leather interior. The interior also has a Black instrument panel and console for a rich, contrasting appearance.

The Corvette is powered by the standard 346-345 LS1 motor coupled with an automatic transmission. Standard features include PS, PB, PW, A/C, Delco Stereo Cassette with Bose speakers and leather seats.

The wheels are the standard painted Corvette 5-spokes which are in excellent condition as are the like-new tires.

This Corvette is in show-ready condition as evidenced by the 40 trophies it has won at various Collector Car and Corvette Shows. It was featured in an article in the April 2008 edition of Magazine Corvette. This special Corvette is now on display at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, KY.

Corvettes have a unique following with consumers and why not, being America’s premier sports car with over 1.5 million built since their introduction in 1953. Adding to their value are ones from limited productions, with low mileage, high performance motors, documentation and certification. Another ingredient, as with this one, is a rare paint color for a given model year.

Documentation includes the original bill of sale, owner history and the factory build sheet.

We place a value of $35,000 on this special 1998 Corvette Coupe.

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