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[VIDEO] Another View of the Corvette C6.R/Porsche ALMS GT2 Battle at Laguna Seca

by Keith Cornett on October 20, 2009

Another View of the Corvette C6.R/Porsche ALSM GT2 Battle at Laguna Seca

I received this youtube video link from John in California. The amateur video shot from the stands shows the conclusion of the ALMS race at Laguna Seca. The video clearly captures what we believed the sequence of events were all along: Magnussen was in front of Bergmeister in the Flying Lizards Porsche and was pulling away. Contact between the two cars caused the #3 Corvette C6.R to spin in front of the #45 Porsche and hard into the inside wall.

Jan Magnussen’s website details his side of the story surrounding the crash at Laguna Seca:

“I was completely taken aback by that” an angry and beaten up Jan Magnussen claimed afterwards. “I have absolutely no idea of what Bergmeister did. He was far enough ahead after my last attempt to pass him that could have continued and have had the victory. But after that I don’t know what he did. I was too far behind to make an attempt in the last corner, but then he parked the car and I couldn’t avoid him. He went a little sideways at the corner and I get beside him and almost in the lead. I was sure that the victory was mine but then he decided he wouldn’t lose in the last corner again and starts to drive into my side and continued until I was in the wall. We were close to the finish so I had the pedal to the metal and hit the wall hard. The car went up into the air and the impact hits me hard when the car landed. I’m very beaten up and so sore that it is hard to grasp. I have been to a couple of medical checks and they say that everything is ok.”

Johnny O’Connell didn’t mince words with the statement he posted on his website a few days after the incident:

Normally I really enjoy talking about what went on over a race weekend and sharing the inside scoop of what happened and how we did. Right now, I’m just still too upset about that finish and all that transpired. Needless to say the best car that should have won the race is destroyed, and the one driver that proved he was faster and better is very banged up and having to spend time healing. While the one with no integrity, honor or sportsmanship is fine. Congratulations to Patrick Long who does deserve to be a champion. He’s a class act and fair driver at all times. One of the United States brightest young drivers. The same can be said about Seth Neiman and everyone on his team Flying Lizard. Great guys and a good team. Congratulations. After the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, Admiral Yamamoto was quoted as saying, “I fear that all we have done is awaken a sleeping giant.” You can fill in the rest as it relates to how next season will go. As always, thanks to everyone that supports Corvette Racing and the American Le Mans Series.

As someone said on twitter, “Ye-haw, we gots us a feud!” GT2. This is where the action in sports car racing will be found in 2010.


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