Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas 2009: 1964 NOM Corvette Sting Ray

1993 Corvette Sells for $23,100

The 1964 Corvette Sting Ray has always been the step-child of the mid-year C2 Corvette generation. Combine that fact with a non-original motor and a color combination that wasn’t the most popular and you have all the makings of a lackluster auction. However, this is Barrett-Jackson in Las Vegas and that can only mean that this recently restored 1964 Saddle Tan Corvette performed well on the auction block.

This 1964 Corvette features a Saddle Tan interior, a color chosen by just 8% of buyers. Despite the fact the Corvette is missing its original engine, the non original motor may actually be termed an upgrade as it’s an L79 327/350 hp V8 from a 1967 Corvette. Complete with Corvette-fined manifold covers and a 1964-styled air cleaner, the 1967 Corvette small block looks right at home in the engine bay. Other upgrades include disc brakes, which didn’t appear on Corvettes until 1965.

Bidding on this Sting Ray convertible was strong from the beginning and shot right up to $50,000. The hammer closed out the sale at $55,000 and with the buyers commission added, the total sale rang up at $60,500. A strong price for a non-original Corvette, but not out of the ballpark for a recently restored mid-year convertible.

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Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas 2009: 1993 Corvette Sells for $23,100
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