Corvette Racing: Petit Le Mans Underway


We’re sitting high and dry in the media center at Road Atlanta as the 12th annual Petit Le Mans gets underway. Follow this post today as we watch Corvette Racing’s GT2 C6.Rs battle in the highly competitive GT2 Class.

The heavy rains that everyone was concerned about came at 4 hours and 50 minutes into the race. The course was red flagged and the cars were ordered per their position. With no let-up, the race was called at 8:44 on the race clock. The #4 Corvette was in 4th place behind the class winning #62 Ferrari while the #3 Corvette finished 7th.

At the start of the race, the #4 Corvette moved up into the second starting position as LG Motorsport’s #28 Corvette was forced to start from the pits. Following the green flag, it took Johnny O’Connell just three laps to leapfrog the top 5 positions to settle into first. Oliver Gavin passed the #40 Ford GT 40 and quickly settled into second place.

The morning prior to the start of the race was very wet with standing water on the track and Georgia’s famous red clay mud just about everywhere you step. Although the rain has abated, a light mist continues to fall.

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