Corvette Racing: Night Practice at Petit Le Mans

Corvette Racing: Night Practice at Petit Le Mans

Corvette Racing faces one of its biggest challenges yet with their new ZR1-based GT2 Corvette C6.Rs at Road Atlanta this weekend. Round 7 of the American Le Mans Series is Petit Le Mans, the 10-hour/1,000 mile race in the rolling hills of Northest Georgia. Reliabilty was one of the hallmarks of the GT1 Corvette C6.Rs and now the GT2 cars will have their chance to prove they can go the distance as well.

One of the unique aspects of Petit Le Mans is that the race will end in the dark. Therefore, drivers took to the track on a muggy Thursday evening to get acclimated to the track at night. Seeing Corvette Racing’s Command Center all lit up was very cool and I can tell you that watching the Corvettes thunder down the backstretch in the dark was an amazing site to see first hand.

We are here at Road Atlanta to witness several firsts for the Corvette Racing team:

  • The first endurance race for the GT2 Corvettes
  • The first race in the GT2 Corvettes for Marcel Fassler and Antonio Garcia
  • The first race for the GT2 Corvettes without Direct Injection
  • The first race with Bibendum the Michelin Man riding Shotgun on Corvette’s livery

Tomorrow, we’ll be talking with several members of the Corvette racing tomorrow and we’ll get to experience the 12 turn, 2.54 mile track with a hot lap in a Vitesse Corvette track car.

Follow our Twitter feed for real-time updates and make sure you come back next week as we roll out the videos from our experience here.

As for Corvette Racing, Friday’s qualifying session runs from 2:25-2:50 pm EST and the 10,hour/1,000 mile race gets underway on Saturday at 11:15 am EST.

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