[VIDEO] National Corvette Caravan Stops in Tampa

National Corvette Caravan Stops in Tampa

The Florida leg of the 2009 National Corvette Caravan kicked off their cruise to Bowling Green, Kentucky for this weekend’s 15th Anniversary Celebration at the National Corvette Museum. The Florida Caravan started in South Florida this morning and broke off into two groups with one going through Orlando and the other coming up the west coast to Tampa.

About 100 Corvettes were gathered at Ferman Chevrolet in Tampa this afternoon before heading North. We met with a few of the members and spoke with Ernie Zager who is the Captain of the Florida leg. According to Zager, the Florida caravan will stop tonight just a few miles south of the Georgia border in Lake City, Florida where they will be guests at a barbeque by Bruce and Becky Glueck of Glueck Chevrolet.

Tomorrow morning the group will make their way to Road Atlanta for some parade laps or high speed passes around the Petit Le Mans course. From there, the Florida caravan will drive over to Kennessaw, Georgia where they will meet up with the Georgia Caravan at a Hooters restaurant for dinner. Both groups will spend the night in Kennessaw before making their way to Bowling Green on Thursday.

The Museum has a full slate of Corvette fun planned for the estimated 5,000 attendees that will be in Bowling Green for the 15th Anniversary Celebration. Festivities will include the Corvette Hall of Fame, seminars, historic video presentations, road tours and other grand activities including the official ribbon-cutting for the Museum’s new areas.

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