Bloomington 2009: Twin-Turbo 1991 Corvette Callaway Speedster Sells for $115,000

Bloomington 2009:  Twin-Turbo 1991 Corvette Callaway Speedster Sells for $115,000

One of more interesting time periods for Corvette came midway through the C4 production run when you could order a twin-turbo for your Corvette. In 1991, the B2K twin-turbo RPO was the only non-GM performance option that could be ordered on a Corvette. This limited edition 1991 Series 1 Corvette Callaway Speedster is #8 of 10 made and used to be part of the Otis Chandler collection before being acquired by Chevrolet dealer and Corvette collector Bob McDorman.

The 403 horsepower B2K twin turbo conversion was made by Callaway at their Old Lyme, Connecticut headquarters. Corvettes would be ordered through the customer’s dealership and then the Corvette would be delivered from the factory to Callaway for the conversion. The Speedster conversion is even more unique as they feature cut-down windshields, wraparound glass and twin integrated headrests.

This particular Series 1 Callaway Speedster is number 8 of 10 produced. Finished in silver, the body was converted to the Paul Deutschman designed Aero body. The custom interior was finished in what was called wedgewood Blue speedster leather. Large OZ wheels and a polished undercarriage distinguish the car from other Corvettes.

The twin-turbo speedster sold for $115,000 at Mecum’s 2009 Bloomington Gold Corvette auction.


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