More Corvette Comments from GM CEO Henderson

GM CEO Fritz Henderson Discusses Corvette's Future

Last week General Motors CEO Fritz Henderson sat down with Autoweek and essentially said the Corvette isn’t going away because it pays the rent. Henderson repeated those comments in an online live chat this morning on GM’s FastLane blog. In addition to repeating his support for the Corvette, Fritz gives us a peak inside the Henderson garage.

From the FastLane Chat with Fritz Henderson on MOnday, May 11th:

Dr. Ron McGarry:
I know that shuttering popular brands is difficult, but as a former Pontiac owner and now with a Corvette, I am concerned about the whole Corvette/Bowling Green operation. Destroy this and it will be bad for GM on a whole. Any hints on plans for Corvette?

Fritz Henderson:
Corvette remains a force within our product lineup. It is a superb high performance car, the equal or better car relative to cars that sell for 3x the price. The corvette pays the rent in terms of profitability and cash flow and is one of our strongest (if not our strongest) nameplates in the entire GM lineup. We intend to keep this car fresh and in a segment leading position. I also own one and love it.

Brian Watters:
What do you drive presently and what is your favorite gm vehicles?

Fritz Henderson:
The Henderson family fleet. My wife drives a cool 9-3 Saab convertible. My baby is my corvette, I am also driving a camaro, and my daughter drives a Malibu.

Click here to read the transcript from the 30 min chat.

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