[VIDEO] Corvette Production Schedule with Plant Mgr Paul Graham

 Corvette Production Schedule with Plant Mgr Paul Graham

While at the National Corvette Museum’s C5/C6 Bash, we heard from the manager of the Bowling Green Assembly Plant Paul Graham about GM’s plan to close factories over the summer. Paul informs us that the only change for the Bowling Green Assembly Plant will be an additional week added to the normal two week shutdown in July. We also hear from Corvette’s Chief Engineer about the production targets for the Corvette ZR1 and how its production has been affected with these closures.

Paul also commented on how the factory was able to work with Corvette engineering and marketing to be able to provide all these different options for Corvette buyers. Paul reiterates that capacity is available to build all the models: Coupe, Convertible, Grand Sports, Z06 and ZR1 as well as the special editions like the GT1 Championship and the Competition Sport.

Tadge takes a amount to address the rumors around the closure of the high performance vehicle unit and says they had nothing to do with building the Corvette ZR1 and Z06. Those cars were built by Corvette’s engineering team and that team is still in place.

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