Unique 1963 Corvette Display Seen in Vintage Dealership Photos

Unique 1963 Corvette Display

Hemmings recently displayed these vintage photos taken inside a Chevy dealership back in the 60’s that show a 1963 Corvette Coupe display that was constructed with a hydraulic lift. At a touch of a button, the body would be lifted off the frame revealing the chassis and the small block 327 cubic inch V8.

The photographs were taken inside Grotewold Chevrolet, which was located in a small town in western Iowa. There is some debate as to which small town the dealership actually resided. Once inside, the dealership is vintage Chevy. We see the 1963 Corvette Coupe display is centrally located inside and as you can see from the photos, an audience of two Midwestern boys look on as the Corvette Coupe rises to show its inner workings.

Unique 1963 Corvette Display Unique 1963 Corvette Display Unique 1963 Corvette Display

We first saw one of these custom displays during our coverage of the Al Wiseman auction in December 2007. That display used a 1965 Corvette coupe and was built by Chevrolet for the 1965 Autorama that toured the country. The story was after the autorama concluded, the 1965 Corvette display bounced around before ending up in South Africa as a display at a technical school. As a side note to this story, the 1965 Autorama display sold at the Al Wiseman auction for $704k.

The owner of the 1965 Corvette Autorama Cutaway says he was told that Chevrolet built five of these unique displays but the whereabouts of this 1963 display is currently unknown.

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[VIDEO] 1965 Corvette Cutaway Autorama Display Sells for $704,000

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  1. This article was about my Brother Dwayne Grotewold’s Chevy Dealership in Lemars, Iowa. My Dad, Leslie Grotewold owned a Chevy Dealership in Larchwood, Iowa at the same time.

    My brother Dwayne also owned a 1956 SR 1 Corvette that he acquired from Doane Chevrolet near Chicago. It was one of only six SR 1’s that ever reached the public domain. At one time later, this car was known as the Chicken Coop Corvette in the Corvette Quarterly. It was my brother Dwayne who was instrumental in helping identify the car and its’ true origin.

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