[VIDEO] 1967 “Shriner” COPO Corvette Roadster Sells at 2009 Barrett-Jackson


Some Corvettes are famous and some are infamous. Two years after Corvette enthusiasts rose up and cried foul which resulted in a botched eBay auction, the Shriner L88 Corvette makes an appearance at Barrett-Jackson and sells for $176,000.

In December 2005, this Corvette was being sold on eBay as an original 1 of 20 L88 Corvette. Unfortunately for the seller of the car, the son of the Corvette’s original owner had an extensive history on the car as the 1967 roadster was 1 of 13 Shriner Parade Cars that were all originally equipped with small blocks. Click here to read our original post: Seller of Fake L88 Caught by Corvette Community

Fast forward to 2009 where the L88 Corvette resurfaces, only this time the Shriner history was embraced. Here is the description from the Barrett-Jackson catalog:

Originally a base motor 300 and upgraded to a 427cid/430hp engine although it is now equipped with an L88 package. Documented as 1 of 13 Shriner COPO cars with a correct L88 driveline. Also features radio delete, correct carb, distributor, etc.

So the same Corvette advertised two years ago as an original 1 of 20 L88 Corvette was today offered as a documented 1 of 13 Shriner COPO Corvette with a correct L88 driveline. Diligent research of the Corvette’s history would have undoubtedly revealed her checkered past. Read what enthusiasts are saying about the car on CorvetteForum.com

During the 2009 Barrett-Jackson auction, SPEEDTV took a commercial break and came back to coverage with the Shriner COPO Corvette already on the block and bidding at $140,000. The Corvette gaveled for $160,000 and with commission, total price was $176,000.

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