Corvette Racing: 2009 Le Mans Campaign Confirmed

A GT1 Corvette at the 24 Hours of Le Mans

Last week we brought you the report from AutoSport Magazine that claimed Corvette Racing was pulling out of 2009’s 24 Hours of Le Mans due to budget constraints. But Program Manager Doug Fehan rebutted that report as erroneous and says the Le Mans Challenge is a go.

The AutoSport report suggested that Corvette Racing wouldn’t compete at Le Mans and would instead focus on developing the new GT2 Corvette that is set to debut in the second half of the 2009 ALMS season.

Fehan says the plans to compete in GT1 at the beginning of the season and at Le Mans are still on.

“The primary focus of the race team is the 12 Hours of Sebring, Long Beach and, of course as it always has been, the 24 Hours of Le Mans,” he said. “We tested the GT1 car at Sebring in November, and we will be utilizing Sebring and Long Beach to put the final touches on the Le Mans effort.

“We’re continuously developing the car and package for fuel mileage, efficiency and new materials from our various suppliers. We want our last GT1 appearance at Le Mans to be successful. The team understands the importance of a victory at Sebring, Long Beach and Le Mans to close the GT1 program.”

Fehan also took the opportunity to address the progress of new GT2 Corvette C6.R and says development is on schedule to debut the new car at Mid-Ohio in early August.

“Engineering and fabrication continues to focus on the GT2 program,” he said. “We expect the first actual race car to be completed in early February and will be testing that car in the spring.”

Photo Credit: Richard Prince

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