[VIDEO] Corvette ZR1 Spanks GTR, 599 GTB and GT2 Head to Head

Motor Trend Corvette ZR1, Nissan GT-R, Ferrari 599 GTB and Porsche GT2

Finally, someone had the balls an epiphany to line up four supercars and take them head to head down the strip. Motor Trend pitted the Corvette ZR1, Nissan GT-R, Ferarri 599 GTB and the Porsche GT2 in this race for bragging rights. America’s best against Germany, Japan and Italy. It’s one thing to compare performance specs on paper and quite another to actually see 4 cars with a combined 2,260 horsepower thunder down the strip.

The 480 horsepower all wheel drive Nissan GT-R gets the jump on the three other cars and takes the lead. The rear engine 530 horsepower Porsche GT2 then sprints to the lead of the pack with the 612 horsepower V12 Ferrari 599 GTB hot on its heels. But then the superior torque of the ZR1 digs in and within seconds the king of the hill takes the lead and finishes by over a car length.

This was a great video to watch and we hope the magazines do more of these head to head comparisons.

Motor Trend via YouTube.com

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