Corvette Knight Ryder

[VIDEO] Corvette Knight Ryder

Corvette Knight Ryder

I don’t recommend driving this fast on public roads and such activity is not condoned here at CorvetteBlogger.* That being said, after watching this video of a C6 traveling in a group of four Corvettes on a New Jersey highway at speeds up to 160 mph, seeing the DIC reading an average speed of 121+ mph, and that awesome “fast car” soundtrack makes me want to jump in my Corvette and go for a midnight run myself.

C6DVL says the four Corvettes covered 85 miles in 43 minutes. This must be a stretch of highway that runs fast because the cars they are passing appear to be moving at a pretty fast clip as well. He also claims that he averaged 13.5 mpg on the run. The comments on the video are a trip to read as well. Seems people are surprised to see the Corvette’s HUD floating about the road.

* Our attorney made us say this. We, um, well okay.


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  1. this video is epic….and if theyre in jersey, it’s not some special road, it’s just everyone drives absurdly fast … i have been doing research for a friend of my dad’s because they are trying to work out some content for a video venture. by far one of the best videos i found so far…i was just thinking how cars feel faster when inside them at night….

    my dad has a z06 and loves it…if you have some time, i enjoy discussing .. i am a photographer and writer, but no experience with cars really. Just doing this as a favor to the owner of the registry.

    nice move using the muddy waters track….its so suiting for that car

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