Corvette Values: 1966 327/350 Corvette Roadster

1966 Corvette Roadster

MK from Texas submitted this 1966 Corvette Roadster to Corvette Values:

1966 Corvette Roadster, VIN #194676S113XXX. L79 327-350 V8 engine. 4-speed transmission, 61,000 miles. Ermine White with saddle leather interior. The options include factory original knock-offs and side-mounted exhaust. Corvette underwent a body-off restoration in 2004. Interior and exterior are show condition. No documentation.

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1966 Corvette Roadster 1966 Corvette Roadster 1966 Corvette Roadster

The VIN indicates this Corvette was built in early February, 1966. Thus any changes or modifications, after the initial introduction, would have been included in this Corvette. The owner states the mileage of 61,000 miles is correct.

It had a body off restoration completed in 2004 with no evidence of deterioration since that date. The exterior body, interior and engine compartment remain in excellent show ready condition.

It is Ermine White in color, the original color, enhanced by a Saddle leather interior. It has Goldwall tires mounted on original knock off wheels. Also a side mounted exhaust system. The combination of optional wheels, tires, side exhaust, White paint and Saddle interior present excellent curb appeal.

It is powered by the original, matching numbers 327-350 motor coupled with a 4 speed manual transmission with the correct original shifter. The engine compartment is clean and shows nicely with the bright shielding in place.

An additional word on the original options that can be classified as “rare.” Only 4% of the 1966 models were delivered with the cast aluminum knock off wheels. Today, most 1966 models with knock off wheels are not original and are classified as reproduction wheels. Also the original side mounted exhaust system were ordered by only 13% of the buyers in the 1966 model year. Again, most of the 1966 models with side exhaust are not original, added at a later date.

We place a value of $67,500 on this 1966 Corvette Roadster. As a side note, the 2008 Corvette Price Guide lists the 1966 Roadster as showing a one year, 9% appreciation factor in average price.

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  1. Just out of curiosity- The number of original knock off wheels is pretty rare in today’s market. Contrast that to the infinite number of side exhausts one can purchase from any number of vendors. When valuing a car is there any reason to value side exhaust at all except for the labor involved in putting it on the car correctly? It’s an interesting dilemna when one considers the fact that hunting down original knock offs to restore is not as easy as finding some of the other components. Of course, we also have no way of knowing which cars had which options without an invoice or tank sticker. I always chuckle to myself when going to a show like Carlisle and seeing all those midyears with side exhaust but not many cars exist with original OEM knock offs.

  2. CJ:

    A great comment. The Corvette Price Guide we use has a list of options and original knock-offs on a 1966 Corvette can add $4,000 to the value. However, I agree that pricing for knock-offs is based on the rarity of the original option, and while only 13% of Corvettes in 1966 had the site mounted exhaust, that option is mostly considered valuable because of its curb appeal as mentioned in this valuation.

    Adding side exhaust to a Corvette is the same as painting it red. It not may be original, but if done right, it looks damn good, and that can add a few dollars to the valuation.


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