Photo Gallery: The 2009 Blade Silver Metallic Corvette

The 2009 Corvette in Blade Silver Metallic

GM has released a batch of official photos of the 2009 Corvette in conjunction with the 2009 Corvette Pricing Schedule and we’re pleased to see its the new Blade Silver Metallic, RPO code 17U. Blade silver replaces the popular Machine Silver which graced Corvettes from 2004-2008. The differences between Blade Silver and Machine Silver are subtle, but distinct. In addition to the gallery showcasing the new color, I have put together a side by side comparison of the two silvers.

Comparision of Machine Silver vs Blade Silver 2009 Corvette in Blade Silver Metallic 2009 Corvette in Blade Silver Metallic
2009 Corvette in Blade Silver Metallic Behind the Wheel of the 2009 Corvette 2009 Corvette LS3 V8

Machine Silver has been one of the more popular Corvette colors usually ranking in the top half of Color production behind Black and the two Reds, so the change-over to the oh-so-similar Blade Silver Metallic shouldn’t cause any big changes in the palette for 2009.

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