Sebring 2008: Corvette Racing News Roundup

Corvette Racing's #4 C6.R at Sebring
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Official Practice Session Times:

The first official practice sessions were held today at Sebring. Corvette Racing’s C6.R Corvettes ran during both sessions and at the end of the day it was the #4 Corvette C6.R setting the lead in the GT1 class with a lap of 1:57.674 while the #3 Corvette ran close behind with time of 1:57.965.

The Bell Motorsports #008 Aston Martin DBR9 is said to be suffering a mechanical problem and is waiting for assistance from the UK.

Corvettes to race on E10 at Sebring

The Corvette Racing team will be racing at Sebring using E10 ethanol fuel instead of E85 as planned. After testing the Corvettes with E85 in February, a post-test inspection showed that the IMSA’s sanctioned E85R fuel was adversely affecting the adhesive used in the manufacture of the Corvette race car’s twin fuel cells.

Corvette Racing team manager Doug Fehan said, “The performance of E85 ethanol racing fuel was firmly established in our initial track test. Now the team is working with the fuel cell manufacturers, IMSA, and our technical partners at the Ethanol Promotion and Information Council to develop an advanced ethanol fuel cell. As a manufacturer team, safety is paramount at Corvette Racing, and we will always err on the side of caution. Just as every new component in a production GM vehicle must be exhaustively tested, every new part that goes into the Corvette C6.R race cars must be tested and validated. It wasn’t feasible to do this in the weeks since the program was announced, but I am confident that we will resolve the situation in a short period of time.”

LG Motorsports #28 Riley C6 Corvette
Photo Credit: Martin Spetz

GT2 Practice Times

In the GT2 Class, the LG Motorsports #28 Riley C6 Corvette ran in both practice sessions and posted a best lap at 2:05.656. The team is placed solidly in the 9th position middle of the GT2 pack with about 3 seconds separating them from the class leading Farnbacher Loles Porsche 911 GT3 RSR. The German Porsche team is currently leading the 16 car GT2 class with a posted time of 2:02.594. Four Porsche 911 GT3’s and three Ferrari 430 GT’s make up the top seven times in GT2.

Have you seen the dash cam video of Lou Gigliotti’s Black and yellow Riley Corvette C6 attacking the track at Sebring earlier this week?

GT2 Photo: Martin Spetz

[VIDEO] Sebring – Lou’s GT2 C6 Corvette Dash Cam

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  1. Can’t wait for Sebring! I will be going this weekend and making some great videos. I will be sure to let you check them out! We will be hanging with Team Corvette, its gon’ be awesome!

  2. Tom:

    Would love to see your photos and videos. Upload them to YouTube and send me a link if you can!


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