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[VIDEO] How It Works: Inside the Corvette ZR1′s LS9 Engine

by Keith Cornett on March 4, 2008 had the opportunity to talk with GM’s Assistant Chief of Small Blocks Ron Meegan who takes us step by step through the 6.2 Liter LS9 engine that will power the new Corvette ZR1. Ron tells us right from the start how engineers were targeting the 100 horsepower per liter mark and therefore why the decision was made to use the 6.2L engine vs the ZO6′s 7.0L LS7.

But perhaps the most informative part of the video is how Meegan gives us an engineer’s overview of specifically how the Eaton Supercharger was integrated into the 6.2L engine as well as the lengths GM’s engineers had go to strengthen the various components to be able to withstand the output of 620 horsepower.


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