Corvette Racing’s C6.Rs Sporting the New Jake Scrape

1252 shot us a quick note yesterday to check out Corvette Racing’s new C6.R paint scheme. The new livery features a heavy dose of black including the return of the Black Tail. Other area’s receiving attention include the blackout headlights, black BBS wheels and black rocker panels.

Corvette C6.R's Paint Scheme for 2008 Corvette C6.R's Paint Scheme for 2008

But perhaps the most distinctive feature of the scheme is the so-called Jake Scrape, a set of black lines that run on the top of the Corvette from front to back. BadBoy Eddie has put together a contest to see who can guess the genesis of the scrape. I left him my .02¢ that it came from Jakes teeth. But checking the comments, I see someone else guessed that sooner so I am just a Johnny-come-lately to that party.

The Corvette Racing C6.R’s will have a lot in store for them this year. Not only will they have competition for the full season from Bell Racing’s Aston Martin DBR9, but the 24 Hours of LeMans is shaping up to be an epic battle. The LMGT1 class has no less than 10 entries including a Saleen S7, Luc Alphand’s C6.R Corvette and four Aston Martins.

Check out for their 2008 Season Wishlist.


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