Barrett-Jackson 08: [VIDEO] 1966 Corvette Convertible Sells for $86,900


Yes, Barrett-Jackson is finally here and we’re celebrating by watching wall to wall coverage of the super bowl of classic car auctions. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are usually considered the bargain nights, but here is a 1966 Corvette convertible that we believe was well sold.

This Corvette (Lot # 464) features a 327 ci 300 hp base engine with several rare options. Just 8.7% of 1966 Corvettes were equipped with the two-speed powerglide automatic transmission and only 12.7% came with factory air conditioning. The Corvette was finished with the most popular color in 1966, Nassau Blue (6,100) and features a black interior. The matching numbers Corvette is said to have undergone an extensive frame-off restoration.

I feel for the commentators though as it’s tough enough to talk on live television without occasionally getting something wrong. So for today’s trivia question, take a listen and leave a comment with what you think was incorrectly described during this auction.

For a list of Corvettes going through the Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction, check out our Corvette auction preview.


2008 Barrett-Jackson Corvette Auction Preview

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  1. Are you referring to the comment: There’s only one way to tell the difference between a 65 & a 66? I sent ’em this email:

    There are many ways to eyeball the difference:

    1) Grille is different
    2) Seat insert stitching pattern is different
    3) Hubcaps are different
    4) Corvette emblem is physically a different design (large circular C on 65, smaller compressed C on 66)
    5) 66 has Corvette emblem on hood, 65 does not

    George Costello
    Kansas City MO

    I’ve been watching this marathon since Tues. nite. Guess I’m a bona fide car junkie! GC

  2. George:

    Pretty much, especially point number 1. We got a thread going about this auction on the forum and one of the members posted this:

    A few distinguishing features: hood emblem, grille, rocker covers, gas lid, seat cover pattern, inside door pulls, hubcaps or knockoff cones, dash knobs, exhaust bezels in rear valence, seat belt buckles. For coupes, the funky b-pillar vent grilles went away in ’66. And these are just the external cues with the hood closed….

    So yes, a couple more ways to tell than just the script on the hood!

    I’ve got the TIVO recording everything and am a bit frustrated tonight because they went to commercial three times while a Corvette was on the block!


  3. Vette Guys — come on everyone knows the things listed by Keith & George.
    But, how many knew about the very rare 2 speed Stick Shift ?
    Listen again, two speed powerglide is mentioned and a 2 speed manual transmission…..and you thought they were smart !!

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