Video: Celebrating Drive Your Corvette To Work Day 2007


Today is National Drive Your Corvette To Work Day and so I thought I would do just that. Despite the fact that I work in a home office, I was able to get the Corvette out on my weekly trip to our server hosting center to change out my backup tapes. As I mentioned in my earlier post today, this is also the 41st anniversary of my father buying the Corvette, so it was a nice way to celebrate that milestone as well.

Even if you didn’t or couldn’t drive your Corvette to work today, just get it out soon and enjoy yourself. These cars were meant to be driven!
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  1. i can’t BELIEVE you didn’t corner park your Vette! I drive an 05 z51 and ONLY corner park it. Anyways, glad you had fun! enjoy your vette.

  2. Eddy:

    LOL. I was going to be there for 30 minutes or so and once I got in the parking garage, there was a nice big space between a wall and a SUV. I feel that corner parking just begs for someone to mess with your car.

    Thanks for visiting!


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