Auction Results: Mecum’s Kansas City High Performance Auction

Auction Results: Mecum’s Kansas City High Performance Auction

1998 Corvette Pace CarOur auction results roundup closes for the year with the final results from Mecum’s Kansas City High Performance Auction. The event was held the weekend of November 30th through December 2nd and 22 Corvettes were represented. While the classic Corvette sales were slow with the gavel falling for only two Corvettes, a 1964 and 1969, the majority of the Corvettes sold came from the years of 1975-1982. 12 of the 22 Corvettes were sold for a sales rate of 55%.

Lot Year Model Color High Bid Sell Price
S205 1962 Corvette Black $81,000  
S18 1964 Corvette Blue   $29,138
S40 1965 Corvette Maroon $45,000  
S65 1966 Corvette L-72 Black $77,500  
S49.1 1967 Corvette White $61,000  
S152 1968 Corvette Bronze $52,500  
S183 1969 Corvette Red   $19,163
U60 1971 Corvette Green $15,000  
F111 1973 Corvette Yellow $18,750  
S26 1975 Corvette Red $19,000  
S127 1975 Corvette Green   $20,213
U31.1 1976 Corvette Yellow   $11,813
F60 1977 Corvette Red   $10,200
S117 1977 Corvette Ice Blue   $12,600
S109.1 1981 Corvette Red   $9,750
U48 1981 Corvette Silver   $10,250
F127 1982 Corvette Copper   $10,000
F123 1984 Corvette Brown $4,500  
S2 1988 Corvette White   $9,500
F50 1996 Corvette White $17,000  
S114 1998 Corvette Pace Car Purple   $22,838
F122 2001 Corvette Yellow   $26,250

Mecum’s next event is the Kissimmee High Performance Auction held in central Florida January 24-26th. Click here for the current list of consigned cars.

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