Motor Trend Posts Photos of Corvette ZR1 at Laguna Seca


According to the Motor Trend Blog, the much talked about hype of the new supervette visiting Monterey is already a memory. The Velocity Yellow Corvette ZR1 did two hot laps around the track before heading back to the pits, where it was loaded back into its transport. The photos show the familiar black camouflage replaced by a painted hood with a black/yellow checkerboard design that seems to throw of the perspectives of the hood. But the bulge is there, as well as the carbon fiber top and a black rear spoiler. Also new are the wheels which, according to various reports, are being made by CCW. Motor Trend’s man on the ground says the car was loaded in its trailer following the laps and is now on its way back to Detroit. I do believe that to probably be the case as GM generated the hype they were looking for, did their laps, and then got out before the crowds arrive for tomorrow’s race. I did sent out a message to my friend at BBV to find out what he is hearing. Knowing BBV and their knack for getting GM to bend to their will, that’s probably them (Dan and Eddie) driving the damn car.

Motor Trend captures the ZR1 at Laguna Seca Motor Trend captures the ZR1 at Laguna Seca
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This was posted on the by BAD 99. The driver is Corvette Racing’s Johnny O’Connell. Click for larger photo! Just In: Click here for Video
Corvette ZR1 at Laguna Seca

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