C6.R Corvettes To Get A Bad Boy Makeover for Monterey


Our friends over at Bad Boy Vettes must have been born with silver tongues. Over the course of the 2007 season, they’ve talked the Corvette Racing team into doing all sorts of cool things: Duct-taping a camera to the hood at Le Mans led to Foot Cam, Pit Cam and Fan Cam. Then at some point along the way, BBV stickers appeared both inside and out the C6.Rs, usually placed in proximity to an onboard camera or two. We’re still scratching our heads as to why, but the access that BBV enjoys brings the fans closer to the Corvette Racing team, and for that we are thankful. We got word last night that for the final race of the 2007 season in Monterey, and possibly the final race of the Corvette C6.R program in the American LeMans series, Corvette Racing will be rebranding the Corvette C6.Rs with the team’s official unofficial mascot, Jake.

Corvette Racing's C6.Rs To Get A Bad Boy Vettes Makeover Corvette Racing's C6.Rs To Get A Bad Boy Vettes Makeover Corvette Racing's C6.Rs To Get A Bad Boy Vettes Makeover
According to legend, Jake was sketched out one night on a bar napkin at LeMans a few years ago by the guys behind Bad Boy Vettes and was adopted wholeheartedly by the Corvette Racing team. Since that fateful moment in France, we’ve seen Jake appear on the C6.Rs B-pillars, front and rear bumpers, on the concrete slab in front of the team’s garage at LeMans, and inked as tattoos on more than one member of Corvette Racing’s crew. Details are slim at the moment, but we understand that a design has been sketched and the paint has been ordered for a Bad Boy Vettes C6.R makeover for Monterey. Check out the designs then stay tuned as details emerge.
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  1. I am looking for a bad boy detail for my hood can you hook me up with a website or do you sell one

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