Picket Lines Form at Corvette Assembly Plant as UAW Strikes


Corvette assembly line workers picket on Corvette DriveThe United Auto Workers have made good on their threat to carry out a nationwide strike as contract talks with General Motors have stalled. According to the Bowling Green Daily News, about 30 workers formed picket lines at 10:00 am this morning at GM’s Bowling Green Assembly Plant, home of the Corvette and the Cadillac XLR. More workers joined their ranks on Corvette Drive as they left the plant. While the automaker has sufficient stocks to withstand a short strike, the effect on Corvette would probably be more pronounced due to its limited production compared to other GM vehicles. According to Corvette Blog’s National Corvette Stock Report, over 3,100 2008 Corvettes were available on the ground as well as 4,451 2007 Corvettes. The factory churns out 150 Corvettes or so daily so the walkout will probably inconvenience those with current orders as well as those owners opting for the R8C Museum Delivery Option. A message was posted on the Bowling Green Assembly Plant’s website that says “GM Tours are suspended until further notice.” Stay with CorvetteBlogger.com as we will continue to monitor the UAW’s strike and its effects on Corvette production.
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