Corvette Racing’s ALMS Future Depends on Aston Martin


=With the 2007 Campaign coming to close next month, speculation about the future of Corvette Racing’s participation in the ALMS in 2008 is beginning to heat up. GM road racing manager Steve Wesoloski suggests if you want to know about Corvette Racing’s plans for 2008, just ask David Richards of Prodrive, who manages the Aston Martin GT1 DBR9 racing program. “As soon as they announce they are coming back, we’ll announce that we’ll be back,” he said. “I think you should ask that question to David Richards and George Howard-Chappell [who also runs Aston racing].” Prodrive completed a buyout of Aston Martin earlier this year and while indicating an interest in returning to the ALMS, you can bet that Aston will require some “Competition Adjustments” to lure the DBR9’s back to the States. Racing yourself isn’t all that fun, and without any meaningful competition in the GT1 Class, Corvette Racing may end its participation in the ALMS. “The only thing I can say with any confidence is that we will be at the Le Mans 24 Hour next year,” said Wesoloski. He also said that any operation built around Le Mans will not involve a full assault on the Le Mans Series in Europe, something that the team considered for this season. Before the start of this year’s ALMS campaign, the Corvette Racing team was in the same position. For now, there are multiple options on the table ranging from a move to GT2 to jumping into the FIA-GT series in Europe. Personally, I would love to see the Corvette Racing program take on the serious contenders that are assembled in Europe. Weekly battles with Ferrari, Saleen, Maserati and Aston Martin would immediately raise the competition for Corvette Racing’s C6.R Program, better preparing the team for the yearly assault at LeMans.
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  1. heard it here first bro…..GM is working on a P1 car!
    The current program I think has seen it’s last days….a GT2 car is coming too…..

  2. I read that Pratt & Miller are designing a prototype car, but it will be hard to draw the same comparisions to the production Corvette that the C6.R enjoys. And while GT2 would at least enlarge the pool of competition, it feels like a step backward. It will be intersting to see where they go from here.


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