Storm Hammers Corvettes at Carlisle


Storm wrecks the 1957 Corvette display A powerful storm front moved through the mid-state Pennsylvania area causing havoc and leaving several Corvette enthusiasts with injuries. One Corvettes at Carlisle attendee was injured when a tree fell onto his 1968 Corvette as he was leaving the show. Five attendees were hospitalized and at least 12 others were treated at the fairgrounds for storm-related injuries. Storm Video 1
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More Photos Statement from Lance Miller:

Hi everyone, it’s been a VERY long day/night here at Carlisle. I saw this post and wanted to make sure everyone heard it from the “horses mouth”. I’d like to provide all the information that I’m aware of at this time about this evenings storm. There are already a lot of rumors spreading… hopefully this post will help clarify everything. There was a serious storm that hit Carlisle this evening. I’m not certain if it was a tornado at this point in time, I’ll let you know once I find out more info (I’ve heard wind gusts of up to 70mph). I can assure you it’s not exactly pretty right now (12:30 am) on our grounds. Fortunately we DID NOT HAVE ANY FATALITIES – the rumormill is rampid from what I’ve been hearing. There were 5 injuries that I’m aware of at this point. There were incredibly high winds and as you all know there are a lot of tents throughout the grounds – it’s not pretty. It will be business as usual tomorrow morning. Our staff did an incredible job, I’m thrilled to be a part of such a great team. It’s getting late, I just wanted to drop everyone a line prior to getting out of my office… I hope this message helps clarify everything. I’d be happy to share further info, but I’m exhausted after such a hot long day. Good evening, Lance
We’ve got a lot of friends up there. Let’s hope the weather clears up and everyone has a safe time at Carlisle.
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