Late Night Observation: All’s Quiet on the Corvette SS


The first half of this year was abuzz in Corvette Blue Devil/SS news. We had spy photos from the professionals and from insiders who later got fired. The Blue Devil/SS was seen in Europe side-by-side with a Ferrari 599. For a while we were averaging a couple spy shots a month. The last sighting, the Yellow Devil pics from Popular Mechanic’s Jim Dunne, appeared nearly 2 months ago. Since then, the 6th of June, all has been quiet. No sightings, no spy photos. No slips of the tongue by Maximum Bob Lutz. Nothing… Does this tell us more about the status of the Blue Devil/SS more than a spy photos ever could? The last comments on the Blue Devil/SS by Lutz said the car was completing its powertrain testing. Perhaps now GM is adding the specific body panels that will make the Blue Devil/SS as unique to the Corvette Lineup as the Z06’s side scoops and front air vent. Maybe we’re in for a more radical approach? The next few months are key for GM as they try to keep the lid on unauthorized leaks of the supervette before it makes its debut at one of the auto shows in early 2008 (as we expect). We also expect that details of the Blue Devil/SS will emerge prior to its debut as we saw in the run-up to the introduction of the C6 as well as the C5. Heck, the NY Times couldn’t even honor an embargo on the Chevy Volt, what would they do with details of the Blue Devil/SS? In the meantime, I’ve created a central repository for all of our Corvette Blue Devil/SS news. As news becomes available we will post and archive those stories there.
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