Motor Trend Drives the 08 Corvette, But the Pictures Steal the Show!


Most of the major car magazines are now hitting the streets with their 2008 Corvette test drive articles and while exciting at first, once you’ve read a couple of them there are really no surprises left. So it wasn’t with any great enthusiasm that I clicked over to Motor Trend Magazine for their “first test drive” article about the 2008 Corvette. I read the article, which as always is very well written and entertaining but it was the images that are the most memorable part of this story. Check out this beautiful Velocity Yellow Z51 Corvette Coupe and then tell me I am wrong.

2008 Velocity Yellow Corvette Coupe 2008 Velocity Yellow Corvette Coupe 2008 Velocity Yellow Corvette Coupe
Photo Credit: David Freers
Some of the best automotive photographers work for the major magazines like Motor Trend, Car and Driver and Road and Track. I wonder when a photo shoot assignment comes up with Corvette as the subject, are they just as excited about taking the pictures as we are about seeing them? Click here for the Motor Trend 2008 Corvette test drive and then make sure you click here for the photo gallery. You won’t be disappointed with either offering.
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  1. Keith,
    With your knowledge, enthusiasm, and loyal fan/reader base, I think you should petition the auto maker to allow you to be one of the testers for new product. Ahhh I can see it now…Keith cruisin’ around Florida with the latest and greatest Corvettes, writing interesting and entertaining articles. The experience being recounted by a true Vette lover and afficianado.
    …just a thought:)

  2. Corey:

    Thanks for stopping by. Suppossedly, my name is on the list. When I know more I will write a post about it.


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