Video: Real Life Superhero Drives A 1975 Corvette


If you though the only cape-wearing superhero driving a Corvette is Rick “Superman” Conti, then you haven’t heard about this real life dogooder from Clearwater, Florida named “Superhero”. “Superhero” is a self-proclaimed police advocate who provides logistical and backup support for local law enforcement. Every hero needs a special mode of transportation and so “Superhero” drives a 1975 Corvette, motoring up and down the local roads offering roadside assistance to those in need. Click the video to learn more about “Superhero”. We wish there were more people out there like him…looking after the little guys while driving a 75 Stingray!

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  1. Hey, thanks for linking to us!

    Over at Ration Reality we’d been taunting the rest of the Real Life Superhero crowd pretty hard, but I think the first thing that made me like Superhero himself was the car. I’m a sucker for C3 ‘Vettes, have been ever since my next door neighbor as a child owned a ’78 Indy Pace Car.

    Fortunately, unlike my (now dead) neighbor, I doubt that Superhero will try and set the land-speed record for a trip to Boston after tanking up on Smirnoff …

  2. WOW! I actually made the CORVETTE news! this is so cool. Yeah like most owners I have a Love affair with my car. Your readers might want to know she has a L82, but I’m saving to pull it & drop in a Chevy Crate 350HO in. They are the greatest cars in the world! Bring on the C7! 🙂

  3. freakin’ love it guys….thanks also for the mention. I proudly ran the story on my site too. SWEET!

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