Photo: 2008 Crystal Red Metallic Corvette

Photo: 2008 Crystal Red Metallic Corvette

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Just last night I was hoping to see a 2008 Corvette with the new 89U Crystal Red Metallic exterior and this morning our Corvette Muse named Conti came through again:

2008 Corvette in Crystal Red Metallic
Now this color will be a hit because it’s not that big a leap from the color it replaced, Monterey Red. Besides all Corvettes are Red, right?
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  1. thanks, and mark my words _ I believe we have stumbled on to another scoop – Crystal Red coming for 2008 Z06 Corvette. Most likley a mid-year deal, but we’ll keep you informed. Thanks for the "shout-out" as the kids say (LOL)


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