Winding Road Brings Us The C7 Corvette


Winding Road socks Corvette Fans in the eye again. But this time its a good thing. In their August 07 issue, which is available for download by subscription, Winding Road rounds up a group of automotive insiders and former execs to discuss the next generation Corvette. In addition to the artist renderings of where the C7 Corvette’s design may possibly evolve, the panel is focused on answering the questions about the viability of a mid-engine Corvette. Former Corvette Chief Engineer Dave McClellan joins Reeves Callaway, Jim Mussler, David Welch and John Wolkonowicz on the panel and each gives their pros and cons for a mid-engine Corvette. The general consensus appears to be that a mid-engine Corvette would be good for the portfolio, and especially good for the racing program, but that the front-mounted engine Corvette is just better for everyday drivers and in the end, better for General Motors. Reeves Callaway puts it most succinctly: “The current car is such a good value. There is no better example of great engineering at an expeditious cost. It’s remarkable to me that they do it at $40,000.” That just about sums up the reason why we think Chevrolet should continue to build Corvettes with engines up front.

Here Come the C7's
Turning again to the photos, these are just artist renderings that will probably have no bearing on the final design of the C7 Corvette, codenamed GMX711. Winding Road tells us that final designs were to be presented to GM Design Chief Ed Welburn this month while the introduction is set for 2011. A significant date for sure as the bowtie celebrates 100 years in 2011. We concur…what’s a better gift than a new Chevrolet Corvette!
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