Official 2008 Corvette Pricing Announced


Corvette Dealer Ken Fichtner posted the official pricing for the 2008 Corvette on the Corvette Forum. Prices listed include the three Corvette models: Coupe, Convertible and Z06 as well as the available options. Also listed is the new 4LT packages for coupes and convertibles which will set you back $8,005 and $8,600 respectively. The three Corvette models base prices were increased $920 for coupes and convertibles and $1,000 for the Z06. Considering the Coupes and Convertibles come with the new LS3 which adds 30 horsepower, I would say that is a bargain.

1YY07 Coupe $45,170.00
1YY67 Convertible $53,510.00
1YY86 Z06 $70,175.00
Destination Charge $825.00
2LT Package – Coupe $1,495.00
3LT Package – Coupe $4,505.00
4LT Package – Coupe $8,005.00
3LT Package – Convertible $5,100.00
4LT Package – Convertible $8,600.00
2LZ Package – Z06 Coupe $3,045.00
3LZ Package – Z06 Coupe $6,545.00
CC3 Transparent Roof Package $750.00
C2L Dual Roof Package $1,400.00
D30 Custom Color and Trim Combination $590.00
F55 Magnetic Selective Ride Control $1,995.00
GU2 2.73 Rear Axle Ratio $395.00
MX0 6 Speed Automatic with Paddle Shift $1,250.00
NPP Dual Mode Exhaust System $1,195.00
R8C Museum Delivery $490.00
U3U AM/FM CD with Navigation $1,750.00
Z51 Performance Handling Package $1,695.00
**6 Two Tone Seats with Embroidery $695.00
QX1 Competition Gray Wheels – Coupe/Convertible $395.00
QX3 Chrome Wheels – Coupe/Convertible $1,850.00
QG7 Polished Wheels – Coupe/Convertible $1,295.00
Q44 Competition Gray Wheels – Z06 $395.00
Q76 Chrome Wheels – Z06 $1,995.00
QL9 Polished Wheels – Z06 $1,495.00
45U Velocity Yellow Paint $750.00
83U Atomic Orange Metallic Paint $300.00
85U Jetstream Blue Metallic Paint $750.00
89U Crystal Red Metallic Paint $750.00

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  1. thanks kieth,
    while i am plenty happy with my 2007 Z06, i am really wondering who will pony up to the 4LT and 3LZ packages for the extra $. that is pricey, but if you get custom stich leather from a good aftermarket, that is about right, i have had quotes of 10k to do a similar styling on a Z06. pricing a base towards a Z06 with that option should make some interesting pentrations, i think most people will stick with the 3LT and 2LZ (esp Z06 buyers), 95% of all Z06s are 2LZ and with another grand packed on the base, that puts that car over 80k with the chrome wheels and 3LZ.
    I was very lucky, i got my 2007 when the base was still 65k, now i feel like a genius money wise, (i paid 72 for a 2LZ and polished wheels (non-nav)) but the new TR-6060 tranny, and other improved mechanical may be worth it…
    since the 2007s are being so discounted to help sagging sales, none of the 2007 sales have exceeded a 2006 sales figure yet this year, will corvette buyers be ready to pay sticker or invoice or top dollar an 08. Will it still carry the double digit depreciation in the first year like the other C6s? if that was the case, i would be getting a 2007 right now…
    also, i noted that atomic orange tintcoat was priced down to $ 300 from $750. i paid $750 for it on mine, so that was a surprise.
    so, i think GM has at least made great effort here, and you know that the lingerfelters, and katechs will be getting some base 08s to add that supercharger to the LS3 to make some LS9 like numbers, i think that is the clue, since i see the aftermarket engine guys chasing that performance for a lot less than the 100k on the Z07 or whatever the name is this week…that is true story i think of the LS3. Also, a great reason to invest in an 08 Z51 manual tranny, that is great base car IMO to get into, and esp in you mod it up to a really aggressive HP. that is what i will be keeping my eye on….
    my 3 cents for this week,
    matt from NC, charlotte, nc
    2007 83U Z06 2LZ

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