Le Mans: #63 Corvette C6.R Finishes in 2nd Place


C6.R Corvette at Le MansWith an hour left in the Race, Ron Fellows was hunting down the class leading #009 Aston Martin. The #63 C6.R was turning lap times 20-30 seconds faster than their British rivals and had closed the gap to a lap when the safety cars were deployed, effective ending the team’s chances at winning the class. Adding insult to injury, the Green Flags waved one last time with 11 minutes left to race but the damage was already done. The #63 Corvette finished the 24 Hours of Le Mans completing 342 laps and coming in just 6:08.031 behind the #009 Aston Martin. The Corvette finished 6th overall as well. While the 2nd place win is welcomed by the team, we are left to wonder what the outcome could have been if only the Safety Cars would not have deployed. We are left to wonder what the outcome could have been had the #64 C6.R Corvette would not have been forced to retire after suffering driveshaft failure just 1:45 into the race. And finally, what role did the weather actually play in holding back the lone C6.R from going all out? Questions aside, our boys did a fantastic job at Le Mans and should be proud of their accomplishment. Competition breeds success and while this year it went to the Prodrive Aston Martin team, rest assured that Corvettes will be back next year, better equipped and motivated to take on the Aston Martins once again.
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