Corvette Racing Team Pranks Aston Martin’s Crew Chief


As reported by (cough, cough), the Corvette Racing team wasn’t satisfied in taking the top spot in last week’s LeMans testing session, with Jan Magnussen driving the #63 Corvette C6.R around the course in 3:49:207, shaving 1.641 seconds from the #007 Aston Martin piloted by Enge/Herbert/Kox. They needed something else to let everyone know they owned Aston Martin. According to the story, Aston Martin’s Crew Chief George Howard-Chappell hurt his back earlier in the week and left his car at the track overnight. Seems the boys from Corvette Racing found out about that and slightly modified his ride. Corvette Racing’s manager, Doug Fehan said “It didn’t take the boys long to make sure Ol’ George had all his bases covered for the race!”

Corvette Racing Pranks Aston Martin's Crew Chief
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