Shut Up And Drive: My Saturday Corvette Cruise


I just haven’t been able to get my 1966 Corvette Roadster out as often as I’d like to lately. Work and family commitments generally limit me to the weekends anyways and the last few weekends have really been busy. But earlier this week, a post over at made sure I got my car on the road this weekend. Rick was writing about the latest batch of Blue Devil/SS Corvette photos that surfaced via Popular Mechanics showing a Velocity Yellow mule when he wrote the following “Not sure who surfs the net more, me or” Jokingly, I commented “Come to think about it, I am looking a bit pale.” But that statement made me realize I needed to get out this weekend. My late Saturday afternoon drive took me down one of my favorite drives when pressed for time: Tampa’s Bayshore Blvd to the Marina at Davis Islands. Just a quick trip actually, less than half an hour, but time well spent. I took the following photo with my camera phone.

1966 Corvette on Davis Islands
For those of you that haven’t been able to get out with their vettes lately, I say a quick Corvette cruise is better than no cruise at all.
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  1. Nice job Keith, glad you have not lost your focus. Providing entertaining and useful information is cool, but man…life is to short.

    Being away from my family for 4 months (back and forth to Cleveland) while getting set up in WI has made realize even more and more how important the little things are.

    The Corvette community is my job and my life….glad we can share more than just 1/4 mile times when talking about this car!

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