Corvette Convertible Tops Class in Total Quality Awards


2007 Corvette ConvertibleStrategic Vision’s 2007 Total Quality Awards have been announced and the 2007 Corvette Convertible won the “Convertibles Over $30,000” segment. Not only did the Corvette handily beat the competition in its class with the highest Total Quality Index (TQI) score of 930, the mark that measures new vehicle owner satisfaction, it was second in the entire survey only to the Mercedes Benz S-Class which won the Luxury Car class with a TQI score of 938. What’s interesting about this survey is the number of new cars that weren’t included in the results. Strategic Vision claims this is because the sample size of respondents for a specific model was not sufficient enough to be included in the initial public announcement of awards, but may be included in later announcements. Does this mean that other winners may surface later in the year? The competition in the “Convertibles Over $30,000” segment had an average score of 930, but the closest competitor to the Corvette convertible was the Mercedes-Benz SLK Roadster which came in 2nd with a TQI score of 896. The Volvo C70 was third with a score of 886 and the Mercedes-Benz CLK Cabriolet rounded out fourth with an 885 TQI score. GM had one other car winning a class in the survey. The Saturn Aura scored an 892 to put it on top of the Medium Car Segment. BTW, for those of you counting, that’s two more Class Wins than Toyota had. Click here to see all the cars and trucks that made up Strategic Vision’s 2007 Total Quality Awards.
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