Corvette Racing’s Johnny O’Connell Previews LeMans


Corvette Racing’s Johnny O’Connell writes on his website about LeMans and the competition that the two C6.R teams will face. For the first half of the ALMS season, Team Corvette faced only one challenger – an Aston Martin at Sebring. That will change when the teams head to LeMans later this month where there will potentially be 15 or more cars in the GT1 class. Here’s some of what Johnny O has to say:

This year could perhaps be our most difficult ever. Not only will the factory Astons be there with a stronger package than what they had last year, but there will also be a few Saleens run by a very strong team that knows how to do well at Le Mans. The Saleen on paper should be the fastest, followed by the Aston….then us. Just kind of the way the ACO has written the rules. I think there are something like 15 or 17 GT1 cars. Most of them strong, so it will be a battle indeed. Our strength though, will be in the back of every teams mind. Our cars are the strongest. Bar none. We’ve proven it year after year. Both cars have always finished, and always at least one on the podium. In my mind it will take an extreme effort to qualify in the top 5. Again, just how things will play out speed wise. But Around the 20 hour mark, as others are struggling and getting fatigued as well as there cars, know that we’ll be pushing even harder.
The 24 Hours of Lemans will be held June 16-17th in France. SpeedTV will once again be providing coverage. For more Lemans Pre-Race notes from Johnny O’Connell, check out his website at
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