New for 2008 Corvettes: Jetstream Blue Metallic


2008 Corvette in Jetstream Blue MetallicWay back in January we learned that a new exterior color called Jetstream Blue Metallic would be replacing the popular Lemans Blue Metallic on the 2008 Corvette. Our friend and proud new papa Rick Conti has just got his hands on the first photo of Jetstream Blue Metallic painted on an entire car, not just the fender as we saw David Hill carrying around May’s C5/C6 Bash at the Museum. The new color, coded 85U is reminiscent of previous lighter shades of blue used on Corvettes like Nassau Blue, Marina Blue and Mulsanne Blue. Also debuting in this photo is the new QG7 High Polished Wheel. The wheels high polished shine makes a nice contrast against the Jetstream Blue exterior and should be even more striking on black and red Corvettes.
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  1. tryiing to find the exact match for my 2008 corvette with the jetstream blue. I am adding a few upgrades like the grandsport body kit. My question is this. Is the jetstream blue a dupont or a ppg paint. I want this to be an exact match without color shifts or shade differences. Everything I have been able to look up is suggesting that it IS a PPG color. If you can help let me know. tnaks! bobbie u

  2. i have used ppg on mine , matches great, but i used water base the normal paint process was a three stage and would not match tried three times before finding out that the corvette plant changed to water based paint that year , enviro friendly

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