Spy Photos: Little Red (SS) Corvette


Popular Mechanics has nailed the last two spy photos of the Corvette SS, the highly anticipated supervette that will make its debut next year. The Corvette SS, formally known as the Blue Devil, Z07 and the Sting Ray, is expected to push 650 hp from a supercharged V8 and should be priced in the neighborhood of $100,000.

SS Corvette Spy Photo SS Corvette Spy Photo SS Corvette Spy Photo
SS Corvette Spy Photo SS Corvette Spy Photo SS Corvette Spy Photo
With these new photos, it does appear that engineers are moving onto other aspects of the development. Popular Mechanics notes the uneven construction of the roof, suggesting that this mule may have a carbon fiber prototype in place. And then there’s the wheels. The black finish makes it hard to distinguish the design, but you can bet there’s something exciting happening there as well. The rear wheels do appear to be extra large and on the 3/4 rear shot, you can see the addition of mud flaps. Lastly, the rear spoiler has been redesigned and features an ultra small third brake light.
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  1. Interesting photos! I suspect the large sqaure fixture on top of the engine is some sort of inter-cooler. On the driver’s side, at the front of the engine is a belt driven device. I notice a fluid resevoir just next to it. Hydraulic pump? And are those alloy wheels?I really like GM making so many variants and innovations of the vette. Hope they will try also to make some changes to coupe, vert + Z06 and making the price affordable would really be a great deal…

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