2008 Corvette Engine and Interior Photos


Continuing on our 2008 Corvette post from yesterday’s wheel and exhaust photos are these engine and interior photos. The new base engine for the 2008 Corvette is the LS3 V8. The consensus from the photo is that the LS3 has the mass air flow integrated into the air filter housing like the Z06’s LS7. We’re expecting the new V8 to be rated somewhere in the neighborhood of 430 hp. The interior photo is also drawing a lot of comments on the forums with mostly decent reviews. However, we’re still waiting to see what the 4LT package and the “Custom Wrap Interiors” look like, especially in the new Sienna and Linen colors. This photo really just shows the matching center console lid, unless I am missing something.

2008 Corvette - LS3 Engine 2008 Corvette - Interior
The 2008 Corvette makes its debut this Saturday at 1:00 pm at the National Corvette Museum’s C5/C6 bash.
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