Stingray TV Show Coming to DVD


1965 Corvette Sting RayStingray, the NBC show from the mid 1980’s is returning later this year on DVD, according to producer Stephen J. Cannell’s website. The show starred Nick Mancuso as the mysterious Ray, who travels from place to place in his classic 1965 Corvette, fighting crime and helping people in trouble. He accepts no money for his help, only the promise of a favor which Ray will come and collect at some future date. The show aired on NBC from 1986-1987 and 23 episodes plus the 2-hour movie pilot were shot. I remember an episode where Ray was being pursued by a black helicopter with mini-guns and they shot out the tinted black rear window on Ray’s Corvette. It will be a real treat to see these episodes again, and just in time for Christmas!
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  1. The TV show made it’s premier today, July 14, 1985. 26 years ago?!? YIKES!

    I wrote a brief post about the series here…

    Cool concept, kind of an “edgy” version of “Then Came Bronson” with a Corvette instead of a Harley Sportster… sort of. Miami Vice seemed to have the edge and no one was talking much about “Stingray.”

    Anyone know anything about the car/cars used on the program? Could have been just a “movie car” that got repainted and eventually disposed of. One of the Baldwin Motion Phase III GT cars ended up as a movie car with a lousy black paint job, right over the Motion stripes!

    So, “who knows” what became of the “Stingray” Sting Rays???

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