LS2 Corvette Engine Animation/Screensaver

1936 user gmijoe sent me a link to this really cool animation showing the assembly of the LS2 Corvette engine. As the engine is being assembled, it is rotated for the best view and parts “fly-in” and are bolted on. There is also a version that can be used as a screensaver as well.

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  1. Interesting for sure…but with the LS2 done after 2007 model year, why are we just seeing this now?!

    Thanks GM (?!)

  2. Rick:

    Good point.

    Speaking of seeing for the first time, when will the new Corvette Conti site be coming online?


  3. Look at those cylinder heads. I don’t think this is the LS2. Looks like same ones at the 6.2L Truck animation.

  4. Bob:

    Thanks for your comment. I’ve confirmed that we are indeed showing the LS2 video.


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